The Prayer of Exiles

With the Supreme Court in session and the contestants throwing their hats into the ring for Campaign 2016, it’s a good time to be praying. Pray how you would, of course. For my part, I’ve found continued help from a group of French Christians exiled to Germany in the mid-16th century. Quoted from the excellent website, The Calvinist International:

We therefore beseech Your mercy, O heavenly Father, for princes and all those who have power over Your servants, whom You have commanded to render justice [ius dicere] to Your people: but particularly the Consuls and Senate of this city , that You would deign to bestow upon them your Spirit, who is truly a Prince [princeps] and Ruler of wills, and that you would increase His gifts, power, and grace more and more, so that they may acknowledge Your Son our Lord Christ only and alone as King of Kings and the one Who possesses dominion [principatum] over every power, to Whom assuredly You have given all power in heaven and on earth; next, so that they, persuaded by a sure faith, may with their whole hearts be zealous to render themselves acceptable to Him by a true and spiritual worship, and to advance [provehere] and extend His reign among their subjects, themselves reigning in accordance with the rule [praescriptum] of Your will in conformity with Your law, just as they surely know themselves and those [subjects] to have been created and made by You, and indeed to be the sheep of Your flock. May it therefore be permitted by Your kindness to enjoy peace, in which we may serve You with all holiness and uprightness [honestate] and, freed from our enemies, may be able to render to You thanks and praise.

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